Memorable Stories

Making house calls can be an interesting experience.

Memorable Customers

I arrive at the tuning and the person says "Don't worry about the dog, try to ignore him. He's bit a few people but we think it's under control now."

I walk up to a house and introduce myself to the husband outside. He seems a little surprised but tells me to go on in. As I play a little concert after the tuning the wife is very surprised. They didn't call me and I was in the wrong house. It turned out well though since they had children who had just started lessons.

No one answers during a tuning call. Twenty minutes later a complete stranger calls wondering why my name was on their caller id. I've never heard his name and he didn't call for a piano tuning. Drawing at straws I ask " Are you involved in Samoyed rescue?" ( One of our hobbies.) He says no. Finally I realize I had dialed incorrectly. Nevertheless he ended up making an appointment with me.

A client I've tuned many times in the past calls me to set up an appointment. She says "No one will be home, just go in." Once inside the house I notice there is no piano. All I can do is tactfully look around. Nothing on the main floor, nothing upstairs, nothing in the basement. A peek into the bedrooms reveal no piano. Later the client tells me "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I got a divorce and have moved." Who's house did I just search?